Even now the Left cannot understand what it has done

Gates of ViennaThe anger of Trump’s supporters is white hot, it is incendiary, it is real and it is entirely, eminently justifiable, and it is not the anger of the loser, it is the anger of the wronged and is about so much more than Trump, this is about the democratic future of the United States of America. When a country reaches the point of such legal corruption and such moral degeneracy that democracy can be overturned in full view of a complicit and unquestioning media and liberal establishment there is very little guarantee that democracy will ever recover. This is why the anger is at boiling point, and even now, the left cannot understand what they have done.

Bayou Renaissance ManIf the left had won this election by legal and above-board means, we'd have accepted that as the will of the people. I certainly would have. However, the attempted theft of this election by the progressive left, so abundantly demonstrated in recent weeks, will not be allowed to stand. That's our bottom line. One way or another, it must and will be stopped - and that's why Mr. Weston's warnings may become grim reality.

The Democrats are playing with fire here. Their theft was too obvious and too blatent.

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