Supreme Court rejects PA lawsuit

Just The NewsThe Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected a Pennsylvania GOP effort to halt the certification of the 2020 presidential election in that state, dealing a potentially fatal blow to efforts by Republicans to bring before the high court a constitutional argument regarding mail-in voting there.

In the one-page, one-paragraph decision, the court stipulated that the plaintiffs' "application for injunctive relief" on the matter "is denied."

At first glance, this is pretty devastating news for Trump's chances. The PA case was, as far as I know, the best shot because the court had previously opined on the issue and even issued orders to segregate ballots. But it appears they are not interested in getting involved, even to the minimal extent necessary to decertify an election and ask the state legislature to decide.

It's hard not to take that as the Supreme Court signaling that it's not interested in this issue at all. However, the denial was for a request for emergency injunctive relief. It is possible that a normal appeal will be filed, on a normal schedule, and the Supreme Court may take that. However, that seems like a bad bet given how they disposed of this case.

It is worth noting that there are other cases. Most prominent is the recently filed Texas case, suing the usual list of swing states for changing their rules at the last minute. It is possible the SC dropped the PA case in order to take up a better one, perhaps the Texas one. But that seems unlikely.

It looks to me like the Supreme Court blinked.

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