Election worker in suspect GA vote counting video is Dem campaign spokesman

Gateway PunditWe’ve identified Ralph Jones, Sr. as the supervisor running the late night ballot counts in Atlanta in secret after sending all Republicans home from the arena.

And that’s actually Ralph in the red shirt right there and he’s the one who told me to stay back and continue to work.”

Ralph Jones Jr, a spokesman for Democratic US Senate candidate Raphael Warnock’s campaign, praised Abrams’ contribution to Democratic gains in Georgia, saying she “helped register hundreds of thousands of new voters, many of whom are young people of colour, and the turnout in this election has already blown past expectations”.

If he's been a spokesman for a campaign, he shouldn't be allowed to participate in the counting process (except as a poll watcher), much less be in an evident position of authority over it.

To be a suspect, you need to have means, motive, and opportunity.

We have established the means: access to the ballot counting machinery and a supply of votes.

We have established the motive: partisan Democrat who has been an official campaign spokesman.

We have established the opportunity: 2 hours of unobserved counting of ballots. And in addition, we have established that the opportunity was created through deception.

The more we look at this the sketchier it gets.

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