Mask mandates in CA to be enforced by volunteer force

CBS Los AngelesThe city of Pasadena will have volunteers walking city streets to ensure people are wearing face coverings. Volunteers will walk major streets around Pasadena to hand out masks to those who don’t have them and make sure those who do are wearing them. Meanwhile, a limited stay-at-home order took effect Friday for Pasadena. It prohibits all public and private gatherings and events with people from more than one household — except for faith-based services and protests.

I know! We can form a volunteer organization. These are times of emergency, so we need quick action and executive decisions, so it had better be organized along military lines. Paramilitary, just with civilian volunteers. And they will need some kind of name and identifying uniform that is distinct from the military and police. Military use camo, police use blue... I know! We'll call them the Brown Masks!

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