Biden vote spike corresponds to unusual ballot counting video

PJMedia“This spike is mathematically impossible without cheating, and it coincidently falls within the same timeline that the new ballots were captured,” claims Bernard Kerik, the former NYPD commissioner who is helping the Trump campaign collect evidence of voter fraud.

So what's going on in this viral Georgia vote counting video?

What seems clear: poll observers and some workers were told to go home; after they left, counting resumed with ballots pulled from underneath a table in what has been described as "suitcases". Some officials claim this was all normal and that the poll watchers being told to go home because counting had stopped was a miscommunication. Others, including the Trump legal team, point to a spike in Biden ballots that registered at the same time.

So what's really going on?

It seems clear that the "suitcases" are normal ballot containers. That they were under the table seems a little odd, but not proof of anything; it's an obvious place to store bulky and heavy boxes so they aren't in the way. It LOOKS like they were hidden, but that's not necessarily the case. It's definitely a data point, though, because it does not look like other ballot boxes were treated that way.

Telling the poll watchers to go home and then resuming counting is the most suspicious part. It could have been a simple miscommunication. But it's very convenient for people wanting to commit fraud. If it was in fact a simple miscommunication, counters should have stopped counting when observers left and cleared it up. But they did not; poll watchers had to find out from someone else and return on their own.

Anothr suspicious event: One of the counters appears to have counted the same stack of ballots three times. That would only be normal behavior if some of those ballots are being rejected by the machine, after which you are supposed to reset the count and rerun the stack, while also dealing with the rejected ballot in some fashion. There do not appear to be any rejected ballots being removed or dealt with. She just runs the stack at least three times, possibly more as the video is long and people are only beginning to look at it.

A water leak occurred in the building around the same time. It's not clear if the counting shutdown on the video was related to that leak. It has been established that the leak was "exaggerated", so if they are linked, that's another suspicious point.

It's the Biden vote spike at the same time that really sells it, though. If this was normal vote counting activity you would see normal trends continue. If it was fraud, you would expect to see an unusual spike in Biden votes during that timeframe -- and you do.

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