Facebook censors the last two StopTheSteal groups they missed

Zerohedgefter OneZero reported earlier this month that two “Stop the Steal” Facebook groups remained on the platform despite a purge of similar groups, the company quietly removed both of the large communities for unstated reasons.

On November 19, OneZero observed activity in two Facebook groups named for the Stop the Steal movement, a Republican-funded disinformation campaign falsely claiming the presidential election was stolen from President Trump. Together, the groups counted nearly 100,000 people among their members and behaved as an echo chamber for conspiracy theories, such as the thoroughly debunked allegation that Dominion voting machines were manipulated to change votes for Trump to votes for Joe Biden. One of the groups, which had more than 12,000 members, was private so as to avoid moderation. At the time of OneZero’s reporting, the other group, which remained public, was debating whether or not to go private.

Just in case you thought Facebook had banned the others for some good reason that you just weren't aware of, they had to go after them all.

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