Glenn Greenwald names alleged CIA/FBI informant

If he's right, it's not the first time Halper engaged in a little election meddling on both sides. And there are some very large payments from government accounts to him. It looks very much like the intelligence community is for hire and willingly takes money to help decide elections. That's a bigger scandal than even I expected.

Yes, elections. He apparently has close ties to the Bush family, which has surprisingly amiable relations with the Clintons. There are indications he meddled in the Reagan-Carter race, in the other direction, perhaps explained by his connection to the Bushes (George Bush Sr was Reagan's VP candidate). And if he'll do it twice, why wouldn't he or others do it much more often than that?

The claims from the intelligence community that revealing his name would jeopardize his life seems absurd and self-serving. Unless, you know, they think someone would object to him fixing elections for the intelligence community rather violently.

I should note that, although everyone seems to think Halper is the "human source within the Trump campaign", that conclusion has been driven entirely by leakers dropping biographical data and letting reporters put together the identity by implication. I do not trust this process, because we don't know who is doing the leaking and whether they are white hats or black hats. A black hat leaker would at least consider leaking fake details pointing elsewhere to protect a real source, and I suspect that might be what is going on.


Because Halper may be a human source and an intelligence operative of some kind, he's not in the Trump campaign. He was talking to people in the Trump campaign, he wasn't in the campaign.

And notice how some people were talking about an "FBI informant" and others were talking about a "spy"? Another part of the bait and switch. Halper is likely the "spy". We still haven't identified the informant, unless I'm right and Carter Page is the FBI informant.

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