Red flags in the Georgia recount

RedStateGeorgia has conducted an election, and a risk-limiting audit of the electronic vote tally by doing a complete hand recount of all paper ballots cast.
The hand recount contained anomalies in several counties — paper ballot totals that did not match the electronic tally. In some instances, the discrepancy was minor, likely attributed to human error in the hand recount process.

Three counties reported finding electronic storage media that contained votes not entered into the electronic tabulation following the close of voting on November 3, and one county reported finding 2600 ballots that were not scanned and included in the vote totals following the election. Those four combined to add approximately 6000 votes to the outcome.

In looking at some of the recount totals, there are clear questions that need to be explored and the Trump Campaign should ask for the machine recount it is entitled to under Georgia law. The first reason to do so is the anecdotal evidence supplied in some of the affidavits filed in the Lin Wood litigation which questioned the integrity and accuracy of the hand recount process.

Long story short, many batches of "found" votes in the hand recount had a much higher percentage of votes for Trump than the official batches. Why the difference? Were the batches in the "normal" process manipulated in some way?

Obviously we don't know yet -- but this is yet another oddity that suggests some form of manipulation.

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