Can ballot fingerprinting uncover fraud?

American ThinkerLet's consider the dumping scenario. Due to the limited time frame required to falsify ballots, it's likely that only a limited number of people participated.

So what does this mean? It means that (1) the same sets of fingerprints should appear on multiple ballots (likely in the same place(s) on the ballot), and (2) these identifiers won't match known voting ballot handlers (eg election workers or ballot manufacturers). If this is found to be true, then the most likely explanation for this is ballot tampering.

Thus, most, if not all, of such ballots can be shown to be fraudulent, even if the culprits are never identified. And a significant fraction of these fake ballots can be determined and counted.

This is real evidence. And a large number should be sufficient for court intervention in support of "spoilation".

Maybe, but there's not a lot of time and this approach would likely need law enforcement support as well as physical access to original ballots.

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