Do the Trump attorneys have a smoking gun?

WNDTrump campaign attorneys Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell have "the smoking guns" to prove the president won the 2020 election, said prominent Atlanta-based lawyer Lin Wood after spending the day with Powell.

"I've seen sworn affidavits, I've seen sworn video statements," he said Monday in a Newsmax TV interview with Howie Carr. "I think that Rudy and Sidney have done a magnificent job in a short period of time of piecing together a solid legal case on what was intended to be a complicated scheme of fraud as it relates to the voting machines."

Sidney and Rudy and Lin keep claiming they have strong evidence that will win in court. So far, we've seen a lot of affidavits alleging various problems, but we haven't seen smoking gun evidence of hackery with the voting machines. We've seen evidence it can be done, evidence the system was designed to allow that, even some suggestive evidence that something was done overnight in key states, and statistical analysis pointing to an algorithm applied after that shutdown. But will that be enough?

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