Proving widespread election fraud by electronic means

Meaning In HistoryHe obtained the serial numbers for the machines that were used in Michigan, then focused on four counties. Those counties had voter turnout that appeared to be prima facie impossible and also saw very large spikes in votes--mostly for Biden. According to Ramsland these spikes are "physically impossible", because the machines in use were not capable of processing the given number of votes in the time period indicated.

If true, this should obviously prove to be a very significant finding. Ramsland estimates that the number of votes involved is between 225K and 400K. That's important, because courts will not generally look at such anomalies unless the numbers involved could lead to reversing the outcome of the election. These numbers, even at the low end, are well past that threshhold.

Proof of fraud is coming in from many different angles. In this case, it's simply physically impossible for the voting machines in use to process ballots as fast as they supposedly did in the election results.

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