Was Vegas shooter ranting about Waco, Ruby Ridge, FEMA camps?

Hot AirThe claims are noteworthy but so is the sourcing. The accounts come from a 1,200-page batch of reports released by Vegas PD that includes witness statements and police testimony. The man who says he heard the shooter babbling about FEMA camps mentioned it during … a jailhouse interview, raising an obvious question as to whether he was telling the truth or just handing cops something which he thought might lead them to go easy on him.

The bit about Waco and Ruby Ridge comes from a woman who overheard a man whom she thinks was the shooter ranting to another man at a Vegas restaurant three days before the massacre.

Sourcing is thin, and wouldn't the government just love to have a mass shooting they could blame on people opposed to gun control? The targeting doesn't make any sense, either.

I don't buy this one, whether it was mistaken identification or a jailhouse source making things up.

Worst-case scenario: the man doing the ranting about Waco was an FBI agent or informant, per .. well... per Ruby Ridge and the Draw Mohammad attack and the Oaklahoma City bombing. Under that hypothesis, the FBI (or some other government agency) had been tipped off to the alleged shooter, had an informant or agent there with him, and ranted at him in public. That seems a horribly unlikely scenario if they knew he was planning a mass murder in three days, but if they just got a tip and are trying to interrogate him under cover with an informant, it becomes more plausible. And, of course, admitting they were that close but did not act becomes an embarrassment after the fact, something worth covering up.

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