Sidney Power describes Dominion's ability to change election results

She's describing a sworn affidavit that indicates the system was designed to corrupt elections in Venezuela for Hugo Chavez, and that it can be used to do so secretly and in a way that is difficult to detect. The machines all report to a central control room which shows the results in realtime.

The affidavit describes how, when these live results showed the desired candidate was losing despite the machine settings, the operators had to "turn off the internet" for an hour or two to update the machines. After the update, the desired candidate was back in the lead and the election was smoothly stolen.

This bears a very disturbing similarity to what happened in our own election. Counting in (at least) Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia shut down for a few hours late at night, with Trump firmly in the lead, and when counting resumed there were large bumps in Biden's vote totals sufficient to catch him up. Pennsylvania had an existing long delay planned out for absentee ballots; Nevada and Arizona also paused or delayed counting but had less obvious issues, perhaps because those states were closer to begin with.

Notably absent from this particular affidavit as Sidney read from it on the air was any direct knowledge that this kind of manipulation took place during this election. The individual was familiar with the how the software operated and how it could be used to fake elections. (That, in and of itself, raises interesting questions about involvement with Venezuela under Chavez). The symptoms matched. But they didn't claim to be in the control room watching our elections.

Hopefully, if the right servers are seized and examined, we can find logs tracking the manipulations. Powell and the President may already have that information, and simply be formatting it for release to the public.

However, from this affidavit, it is clear that there is strong circumstantial evidence linking those several-hour pauses and subsequent adjusted vote totals that we observed to the expected behavior of an election being adjusted in those locations using this same software. And we know those locations are using the same software.

There are rumors -- not yet strongly confirmed, but coming from multiple sources -- that a site in or near Frankfurt, Germany related to this software has been raided by US law enforcement to preserve evidence.

I think Trump's hand is a lot stronger than most people realize.

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