What to expect from the Trump team's legal challenges

Meaning In HistoryThis morning Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell both appeared--separately--on Maria Bartiromo's Sunday Morning Futures to discuss the state of the Trump team's election challenges. Of course, that means sorting through the rhetoric looking for solid things. In particular, looking for ways to connect the evidence they've gathered to the remedies they're seeking with regard to specific state elections--exclusion of entire classes of votes (mail-in ballots, for example, those counted without GOP observers present, etc.) or even a re-do. For example, demonstrating nefarious software capabilities isn't ipso facto proof of actual fraud having occurred. Nor are general conflicts and apparent corruption proof of actual fraud in the elections. The evidence that Trump's legal team presents will need to bear directly on the issue of actual fraud, rather than motive or ability alone. Motive and ability can enter into the presentation, but it won't be able to carry Trump to victory all on its own.

He does a good job explaining the important statements made by Rudy and Sidney this weekend. Bottom line: both Trump attorneys believe they have evidence of election fraud (ie, manipulated counting totals, not individual votes). They say they can't talk about the exact evidence yet, but they have it, and more is coming in all the time. Rudy says he can prove votes were manipulated in Michigan. Prove with witnesses. Sidney says they have identified the exact algorithm that was used.

I take it from this that someone in the Trump orbit, probably law enforcement, has significant evidence regarding election fraud and is in the process of collecting more. The lawyers have been told what is known and what is being collected but do not themselves have access to it yet, because they are outside of government. This suggests the evidence and operations are classified.

I have been skeptical about rumors of an operation in Germany to seize servers related to Dominion and/or Scytl. It now appears we have limited independent confirmation that something did indeed happen.

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