Problems with the Georgia recount

ZreohedgeOn Friday morning, Georgia began to recount the votes it received on November 3. However, within a short time, reports came in that the recount process was being conducted with as little respect for transparency as the original vote count. Without that transparency, this recount is a waste of taxpayer time and money.

So here's what's important to know about Georgia's recount: the recount will do nothing to correct this first type of fraud. The process of vetting voters was wholly corrupt, and there is no way to disentangle the illegitimate from the legitimate ballots during the recount.

In theory, while it won't winnow out illegitimate ballots, a hand recount will at least prevent a repeat of the computer counting fraud. However, that works only if the humans doing the counting don't cheat.

I think it's harder for humans to cheat during a hand recount than it is to electronically switch thousands of votes. For that reason, it may be worth doing the hand recount. But I don't trust Raffenberger.

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