My thoughts on election fraud

Was there fraud? Absolutely yes. There is always fraud. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Usually, but not always, on the Democrat side, likely because of a consent decree that limited the Republican ability to get involved in ballot security issues.

The real questions are how much fraud, did it change the results, can it be proven in court, and what is the remedy?

So, talking about the 2020 Presidential race...

How much fraud? Did it change the results?

Statistical evidence suggests hundreds of thousands of votes across 6 battleground states. In those states, Trump had substantial leads on election night, and that lead evaporated overnight as reports claimed tens of thousands of Biden-only ballots arrived in various states. Absentee ballot issues in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, and Michigan had voting machine irregularities that flipped several races. Georgia had a race outcome change in favor of the CFIA candidate when a mysterious thumb drive marked "provisional ballots" was counted as if it was filled with real ballots. In Arizona, some ballots were rejected and the voting machines were not certified by the Republican party representative. Tens of thousands of votes that only went to Biden and did not vote for any down-ballot races. Many errors that all seemed to go in the same direction.

Based on the above, I feel confident there was a lot of fraud and that it changed the outcome of the election.

Can it be proven in court? No idea. We have a lot of affidavits about questionable activity, but mostly on a small scale. There are legal issues about Pennsylvania's absentee ballots, but also claims that the USPS backdated ballots received after the deadline in PA and other states. In other states, absentee ballots had their security envelopes removed, preventing those ballots from being audited for voter eligibility or signature verification.

I suspect we can't prove enough individual fraud to overturn the results. That's part of the point of denying observers, hiding vote counting, and massively expanding absentee voting which inherently has fewer protections. But we may well be able to prove the systematic fraud case.

What is the remedy?

I suspect the only remedy we're going to get is a suggestion to the legislature that the election was corrupt and please assign the state's electors themselves. If we get that in enough states, we win. But the optics of rejecting an election, even a fraudulent one, are awful. I would not view that as a sure thing even after if the courts suggest it.

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