The Trump lawsuit in PA

There are actually at least two PA lawsuits. One began before the election and deals with ballot return deadlines. The other focuses on conduct during the election itself. I will be calling out the claims in the second lawsuit below that I see as most important.

PJMediaBoockvar and the county officials repeatedly ignored essential safeguards for absentee and mail-in voting which require “procedural safeguards to deter fraud and ensure transparency” due to “inherent risk.”

This is a broad claim that mail-in voting was conducted in an unsafe manner and in violation of the law. If supported by sufficient evidence demonstrating systematic problems, it could lead to broad remedies.

PJMediaThe lawsuit claims that “dozens of mail-in ballots were addressed to single addresses, each ballot being in a different name. Based on the carrier’s experience delivering mail to those addresses, the carrier is aware that the people whose names were on the ballots are not names of people who live at those addresses. In addition, ballots were mailed to vacant homes, vacation homes, empty lots, and to addresses that do not exist.”

This is evidence of widespread, systematic fraud via mail in balloting.

PJMediaDuring the election, voters reported receiving mail-in ballots even though they did not apply for them. Many reported having received multiple mail-in ballots, some as many as four or five.

“Moreover, at the polling locations on Election Day, voters were informed that they must vote provisionally because they had applied for mail-in votes, even though those voters report that they neither applied for nor received mail-in ballots,” the lawsuit notes.

Some voters reported having received unsolicited mail-in ballots, but when they went to their in-person polling places, the poll books reflected that no mail-in ballot had been sent.

On the other hand, even though poll workers told voters that they were recorded as having already voted by mail, the workers let the voters cast ballots in person to be recorded on ballot machines.

Poll watchers reportedly observed poll workers mishandling spoiled mail-in or absentee ballots that should have been voided after the voters returned them in order to vote in-person instead.

So, to summarize: legal safeguards required on mail in ballots were ignored, mail in ballots were delivered in ways and numbers suggesting massive fraud, people who showed up to vote in person were told they had already voted by mail (and allowed to cast a second ballot)...

The lawsuit cites many other specific problems with ballot handling and counting, including poll workers discarding or altering Trump votes, allowing out of state residents to vote, and so on. But the core problem is the massive and systematic fraud in the mail in balloting process.

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