Between a rock and a hard place

Fox NewsPresidential historian Jon Meacham was reportedly let go as an MSNBC contributor after he apparently failed to disclose to the network that he was a speechwriter for President-elect Joe Biden, including the victory speech he gave on Saturday night.

Sources told The New York Times that Meacham had been "playing a larger role than was previously known" behind the scenes, "both writing drafts of speeches and offering edits on many of Mr. Biden’s big addresses, including one he gave at Gettysburg last month and his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention."

Biden campaign press secretary TJ Ducklo told the Times, “President-elect Joe Biden wrote the speech he delivered to the American people on Saturday night” but that "given the significance of the speech, he consulted a number of important, and diverse, voices as part of his writing process, as he often does.”

So. MSNBC employed a speechwriter for Joe Biden and didn't bother to mention it until after the election. Well, ok. We know they are biased, this is like calling out one specific turd in a dog park. We know there are turds there, why is this one special? Well, special enough to get stuffed into a plastic bag and thrown out, apparantly.

But I'm especially amused by the comments from the Biden campaign that Biden "wrote the speech he delivered."

Biden is famous for plagiarizing speeches.

And apparently this MSNBC employee got fired for writing the speech that Biden wrote himself.

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