Cancelling votes

The DiplomadI wrote previously about the industrial scale electoral fraud we have witnessed in these so-called elections. In that fraud, of course, hundreds of thousands of votes have appeared magically for Harris-Biden in just the right states, of course. Well, we in the Diplohouse have witnessed fraud right here in North Carolina.

Two days ago, grinding away at the gym trying to do something about my "lockdown" weight gain, I got a call from an unknown number. My habit consists of not answering such calls, but since it had a local area code, I did. You never know, perhaps Publishers Clearing House with my $50 million winnings, or the local branch of the Nobel Prize Committee? But, nah. It was the local Republican Party office calling to say that my wife's vote had been cancelled by the local board of elections (BOE). They said that the BOE claimed that my wife had tried to vote twice. The GOP has been checking on line whether those registered as Republicans had any trouble voting, and my wife's name had come up. I was livid.

Fraud like this is widespread enough to be hitting ordinary people when they try to vote.

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