Voting irregularities in Michigan by a poll challenger

Life Site NewsIn an exclusive bombshell interview with LifeSiteNews, former Michigan state senator and aerospace engineer Patrick Colbeck brought to light a long list of scandalous violations of voting procedure in Detroit, including brazen lies, cheating, and violations of Michigan law.

“Anybody who’s claiming an election victory on the basis of what happened, particularly in the state of Michigan and in the Detroit Absent Voter [AV] counting board, should not be claiming any sort of victory at all,” Colbeck told LifeSite’s Lisa Stover. “Because I’m telling you, the fraud that we witnessed, the interference… are going to knock the socks off of people that may think that this is just a matter of the vote that’s been cast, move on, there’s nothing to see here.”

An important element in evaluating claims that The Hammer and Scorecard were used to adjust election results is his claim that every computer he saw, with the exception of he poll books, were internet connected. If I was running an election with electronic voting, I'd want everything air-gapped for security messages.

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