The Hammer and Scorecard

I'm not sure what to make of this topic, or how much to believe. It relies on knowledge that is certainly not public. But I can try to summarize information here for the benefit of the reader. Figuring out whether it is true or not is going to be up to investigators with more access than I have (which, for the record, is none).

There have been attempts to debunk this claim as well. I take no position on whether this is real; I'm simply not in a position to know. The President may be; Sidney Powell may be; I'm not. I consider claims about Hammer and Scorecard to be distinct from claims that the election was stolen by voting machine hackery; that can be true even if Hammer and Scorecard are false.

I will say that our intelligence agencies are definitely engaged in computer hackery similar to how Hammer is described. And they would definitely want the capability to mess with elections.

The core allegation is that there is a secret computer system called The Hammer which is used in cyberwarfare to ... basically spy on people. Terminology is vague. It was allegedly invented to use on foreign nations and go after terrorists. It is alleged that the Obama administration, and specifically Biden, took this system private somehow (allegedly this involved Mueller when he was at the FBI under Obama) and used it on Americans. An application was written for this system called Scorecard, which is used to change election results "in transit". It is alleged that the system was used by the Obama Administration in 2012 to win the state of Florida, and against Bernie Sanders in the 2020 primaries.

It is alleged that this system was used to steal the election from Trump.

Some posts link this system to the election software known as Dominion which is used in all the relevant 2020 swing states, but that linkage does not appear to be part of the core claim.

It is also alleged that the Democratic National Committee has been given access to the system and is using it to spy on ... well, whoever they want to spy on.

This is the sort of story that needs a gigantic "IF TRUE" slapped on it. I have no ability to verify it. Neither does anyone else in the general public. We can only evaluate it based on the credibility of the people talking about it... and one other thing.

Science doesn't evaluate theories based on looking at the past and trying to explain it. Yes, you do that, but that's not how you check your work. You check your work by making a prediction and seeing if it comes true.

Everything McInerney predicted before the election came true during and shortly after the election. That gives him a credibility boost that saying the same things after we all witnesses the abnormalities would not.

This information does appear to be coming from multiple sources. Zerohedge has information from Kirk Wiebe about Hammer and Scorecard that does not rely on the same sources.

Lt General Thomas McInerney discusses the system. Also here. He appears to be a retired Air Force General and politically conservative. It's unclear how much personal knowledge he has, but he does vouch strongly for the next figure in the narrative, Dennis Montgomery, and McInerney's position makes it at least credible that he would have some knowledge of events. He was warning of this before the election, on November 2nd. That's before the mysterious glitches in the vote totals made it obvious. (He said that his source for this is Mary Fanning in this interview, so maybe his personal credibility is less involved).

Also lending some credibility to this claim is Sidney Powell. She has mentioned The Hammer and Scorecard several times on the air, alleging it was used in this election to change votes, but without going into detail and usually not naming it directly. (One detail she does mention is that it was also used against Representative Doug Collins, John James a Senate candidate, and possibly against Bernie in the primaries). Nevertheless, Sidney is extremely credible and has excellent sources. Her work on the General Flynn case has demonstrated that when she makes a claim, she can prove it in court.

The final pieces of information come via Dennis Montgomery. He is alleged to be the inventor of the system. Unfortunately, he doesn't appear to be saying much about it presently, and information on this topic seems to disappear off the internet. However, this appears to collect a lot of allegations in one place, including references to Montgomery in the Lisa Page/Peter Strzok text messages ("Best to say nothing").

A post-election interview with McInerney and Mary Fanning. Some additional information from 2017.

Suffice it to say that Montgomery is the guy who had 47 hard drives full of evidence that he gave to the FBI but is not currently available to make the allegations himself.

The idea that the US intel community has a sophisticated ability to get into computers is not controversial. That's their job. That they might develop an application to change votes secretly that is linked to that capability is not a large jump from that, particularly if you were paying attention to the "Color Revolutions" under Obama. It is the use of this capability domestically that would be a shocking tyrannical abuse of power.

There is quite literally no way for anyone among the general public to verify this. We're going to have to wait and see what comes out. But if this allegation is true, and someone made use of these national security tools now in private hands to control the election results, it's now or never. This has to come out. It cannot remain in the shadows.

As things stand now, Donald Trump has until January 20th to expose this with the full force of his presidency. If Biden takes office, it will never come out.

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