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American ThinkerSo today, I started to dig into the numbers, and as I did, I fought my confirmation bias at every step.

I realized that I, like millions of others, had been numbed into despondency by the overwhelming press, media, social media push to certify President-Elect Biden. (I put that in there so you can see how repellent it is.)

Hey guys, this thing is not only not over; it is scary for Biden. I mean really scary, and most of all, the media know it. Thus, the rush to get everyone in line with the narrative that a 78-year-old, early-dementia former V.P., who could not draw a crowd larger than a dozen, just beat D.J. in a fair election.

Process that for a moment.

This is what I have been hammering all along. Media calls mean nothing. We have a legal process to go through, and Trump still has multiple paths to victory. Yes, they depend on court challenges, but the most obvious of those is a relatively safe bet and already before the Supreme Court (PA).

So why the media blitz and the frantic censorship?

It's not aimed at We The People; we've voted. It's aimed at Trump and his advisors. It's designed to force a concession before the court battle.

Because they know their fraud will not stand up to a forensic audit of the results.

Maybe the lawsuits and audits and recounts can find enough to discern what the People actually voted for, and maybe not, but I think it is inevitable that they will find enough to tar a Biden presidency in a way that even massive censorship cannot cover up.

Trump's role is simple: Refuse to concede. Fight in court. Flip PA, and the media pressure drops as it is suddenly up in the air again.

It ain't over till the fat lady sings, and Hillary ain't even been arrested yet.

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