Nevada whistleblower says ballot signatures were not verified

The Post-MillennialA Nevada whistleblower has alleged that Clark County, Nevada election officials counted mail-in ballots despite concerns about signature validity. Clark County had previously raised red flags in the eyes of state Republicans, who pointed out ways its signature verification process (or lack there of) could be weaponized.

The whistleblower issued an affidavit that has been sent to the Department of Justice, claiming that the individual had left his or her position as a ballot counter "due to concerns about how the votes were being counting [sic]."

Can't really attach hard numbers of votes potentially affected to this claim, but it sounds like enough to start an investigation. If this was systematic, it could be a big deal. And the whistleblower sent an affidavit to DOJ about it, which makes it evidence.

The Post-Millennial"I personally witnessed disregard of signature verification as well as other irregularities,” the whistleblower said in the affidavit, obtained in redacted form by The Washington Examiner.

“While working, I observed a significant number of signatures on mail-in ballots I believe did not match the name and should have been reviewed. When I asked the supervisors, [redacted] and others, about it, instead of taking the ballots to verify the signature in the electronic database, the supervisor told me to push the envelope through without verification.”

The whistleblower noted a specific instance in which he or she was allegedly told to "push the ballot through" even though the envolope included a note from the voter that he or she no longer lived at the address on the ballot.
“This ballot should have been listed as a rejected ballot, but the supervisor instructed me to push the ballot through,” the affidavit said.

If it's just this one guy, we're talking about a small number of ballots. But if it's not just this one guy...

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