Democrats fixing votes in Georgia

BreitbartThe Georgia Democrat Party trained activists Wednesday night on how to go door-to-door to fix ballots rejected on Election Day.

Called ballot “curing,” the party is able to identify individuals who had defective ballots due to incorrect marking, mismatched signatures, or some other flaw. They are then visiting those voters in person and encouraging them to fix their ballots to count for the Democrats.

But they made it clear they only want to help Democrat voters, so if an activist visits the home of a voter who said they cast a ballot for a Republican, they should leave and not assist them. The party’s intent is to “minimize knocking on doors of Republicans.”

A message to the Georgia Republican Party, seeking clarity on whether it was conducting a similar program, was not immediately returned.

I read this article, thought it was interesting, but wasn't going to post it, until I got to the last line in the article.

What the hell, Georgia GOP? If this is legal, get off your ass and help your voters! If it's not legal, start filing lawsuits! I've seen reports later suggesting this practice is illegal, but that isn't stopping the Dems apparently.

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