They just keep finding ballots

BreitbartPostal workers discovered more than 1,000 ballots Thursday in Philadelphia facilities and another 300 in Pittsburgh, according to Politico.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is rushing to deliver the uncounted votes to election officials before the deadline on Friday, the outlet said.

“The Postal Service has been ordered by U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan to report on the results of twice-daily sweeps for election mail, with a particular emphasis on states that are still accepting ballots postmarked by Election Day,” the report continued:

These twice-daily sweeps have been ordered by Judge Sullivan, the same judge presiding over the Michael Flynn case, whose political and personal bias have by now been well established. The sweeps themselves, while troubling, are not necessarily illegal. That a judge ordered them preemptively for political reasons is questionable. That such sweeps continue days after the election, allowing more and more ballots to be found and intermingled with legitimate ballots, is very problematic.

After all, why would multiple sweeps be needed here? If they are in the mail system by the deadline, wouldn't they be found in the first sweep? If they are not found in the first sweep but ARE found in a later sweep... doesn't that mean they were likely added in between those sweeps?

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