Big Tech censors Stop the Steal group

Just The NewsDays after the 2020 national elections, Facebook is enforcing emergency policies that executives at the Big Tech company have previously described as "break glass" options, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Late on Thursday, the company began implementing measures that it said were designed to stop the spread of false information and that could lead to unrest in the aftermath of the elections, including the presidential race between President Trump and Democrat, which as of Friday remains undecided.

A group called "Stop the Steal" that was organizing protests at vote-counting facilities across the nation was removed Thursday from Facebook, prior to the emergency enforcements going into place.

So let me get this straight. If you think an election was corrupt, and you want to organize your fellow citizens to look into that corruption and stop it, Facebook and Twitter (at least) will disappear you from the internet. Because having an opinion about the corrupt nature of our electoral system is unacceptable and dangerous and cannot be permitted? Even if 360,000 people agreed with you enough to join the group?

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