Milwaukee turnout prompts lawsuit

Just The NewsMore than 90 of the 400-plus voting wards in Milwaukee County, a key Wisconsin battleground where Joe Biden beat President Trump on Tuesday, recorded voter turnout of over 90% of registered voters this year, a remarkable outcome in a nation where 68% turnout this election will set a 120-year record.

Astronomical voting rates are often red flags for U.S. voter fraud watchdogs, who see highly elevated local turnout as a possible sign of election malfeasance. But Milwaukee itself is an unusual voting machine, at least for the last two presidential elections. There were many 80%-plus voter turnout wards in 2016 as well, with some over 90% that year too. And no one questioned it then.

Now a lawsuit filed Thursday by the Amistad Project is poised to explore whether the extraordinary turnout figures can be explained merely by civic-minded residents or by a political machine that should warrant suspicion.

Ward-by-ward voting data from this year's election shows that numerous Milwaukee County voting precincts registered close to 100% voter turnout: Many saw 95% voter engagement, while more saw registered voters turn out at 90% or more. One ward saw 98% of voters cast a ballot.

Some will say that it's an intense election so of course more people turned out, and this area is historically a high turnout area. But historically high turnout could also easily indicate an existing voter fraud operation that shifted into high gear for this election cycle.

For reference, normal turnout is about 50-60%.

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