Evidence of voter fraud

Yesterday, I watched the ABC News election special. They would do a segment, then state that whatever Trump or his campaign had said was "without evidence". Over and over and over again. "Without evidence." "So far baseless." "Inflammatory rhetoric."

I've seen the videos. I've followed the links the Facebook and Twitter have banned. And I'm saving choice examples locally.

There is evidence.

They are afraid this could inspire "fringe elements" to "do something."

It could inspire the American people to take back their electoral system.

Below the fold is a collection of evidence of vote fraud in the 2020 election.

I'm going to add several qualifiers here.

First, there is a difference between evidence of fraud at a high level, and evidence of fraud in an individual vote. We can look at the election and its various processes and see red flags (and a followup article) of fraud in the totals. But correcting for fraud requires identifying and excluding specific fraudulent votes, or whole categories of votes where procedures were not followed correctly.

Second, an article from the BBC helpfully gives us some indicators to look for.

BBC (archive link)Too many voters
A high turnout in specific areas
Large numbers of invalid votes
More votes than ballot papers issued
Results that don't match
Delay in announcing results

We have every single one of those signs. So keep them in mind as you look through the evidence below.

Third, Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame) recently offered a good principle for these moments. Call it the 95% rule. For every given incident that seems questionable, 95% of them (as a rough approximation) will have some valid, reasonable explanation. 5% will be real concerns where actual vote fraud happened. We can't readily know which are which. We have to investigate them all to find out.

Fourth, Joe Biden announced before the election that he had built the largest vote fraud organization in the history of American politics. We should believe him.

There is a pending lawsuit concerning votes in PA received after the polls closed on election day. This has already been filed with the Supreme Court. If ballots can be segregated into before and after the deadline per the court's order, this will likely give the state to Trump no matter what the counts look like now. However, several complaints allege backdating of postmarks in PA which may make those votes impossible to segregate.

The Trump campaign will file a lawsuit Monday concerning witnesses who were not allowed to observe ballot counting in PA.

The Trump campaign filed a lawsuit in Arizona over discarded ballots.

Lawsuit over handling absentee ballots without observers in Detroit. More details.

FBI investigating backdating of ballots in Detroit. More information.

Nevada GOP sent criminal referral to AG Barr. They identified about 3000 invalid votes and suggested up to 10,000 may be invalid.

Texas is not a swing state, but they certainly tried to swing it. And got caught.

Federal investigation into voter fraud in Philadelphia

Recounts have already been requested in WI, PA.

Eyewitness accounts
Nevada whistleblower alleges no signature verification in affidavit filed with DOJ.

USPS whistleblower alleges backdating of ballots and has spoken with federal investigators.

An eyewitness is alleging absentee ballots were backdated in Detroit. Absentee ballots are the easiest to fraud, and they are not supposed to be allowed in unless sent before the election. If they were being backdated, that suggests a fraudulent operation.

Late ballots were counted in Georgia.

Project Veritas exposed Minnesota vote fraud long before election day.

A poll challenger in Minnesota speaks out.

Multiple firsthand reports of people whose votes were canceled by someone else voting in their name.

Procedural issues and glitches
Wisconsin allowed 200,000 votes to be exempted from voter ID laws, among other concerns.

A technical "glitch" in MI flipped a local race from R to D. That race and it's vote totals have now been corrected, but the same software is used in all swing states.

Late-night uploads to voting machines in Georgia leads to more glitches.

Democrats are fixing invalid ballots in Georgia. I'm unclear on the legality of this.

21,000 dead people on voter rolls in PA. Some of them voted after death.

FBI is investigating discarded military ballots in PA. Small numbers though.

"Ballot sweeps" ordered by a partisan judge keep finding new ballots. Remember, in PA, anything received after election day is likely invalid. The judicial order itself is extremely unusual and questionable.

Dead people voted in Michigan.

Large blocks of Biden votes showed up overnight when counting was supposedly closed. Some of those blocks exceeded a hundred thousand votes, with no change in Trump's totals, and were recorded on live video.

Spoiled ballots illegally discarded in PA. They are supposed to be retained for 22 months.

An ex-CIA candidate married to an election supervisor had her race rescued by a mysterious injection of ballots from a USB drive labeled "provisional ballets".

A woman's dog is registered to vote... and voted.

Georgia's Secretary of State allegedly disabled password protections of the voting system component that determines who is allowed to vote. Both senators from that state have asked him to resign; they are of the same party. He has refused.

Statistics about vote counts
Estimating the illegal alien vote. I haven't checked this, it's based on public data. But it's checkable by election officials or anyone who has access to the right combination of data.

Top-ticket only Biden votes dramatically out of whack. Top-ticket voting can be an indicator of fraud, as most people will vote the whole ballot. The problem only appears in swing states.

90% turnout in Milwaukee raises suspicions of fraud. The region is normally high turnout but still jumped by 20% compared to prior years. There was a lawsuit filed over this.

Biden's vote totals violate Benford's law, a statistical method for detecting fraud. Twitter and Facebook are censoring this link, and the Wikipedia entry for Benford's Law is being hastily rewritten to cover this up. If you can't see the original link, here's another.

Trump won 9/10 bellwether counties.

Comparing R/D votes over time shows some oddities, as does comparing Obama and Biden turnout rates across different locations. Between the two of them, it should be possible to pin down when and where (to rough approximations of both values) fraud took place.

Censorship and Big Tech
Facebook censor is ex-CIA partisan

Twitter has been censoring the president's allegations of vote fraud.

Google only reminded liberals to vote.

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