Thoughts on incels

ReasonProgressivism's promise is to move toward social arrangements that increase the number of winners and diminish the number of losers. But until we achieve a utopia where everyone wins, we'll have to figure out ways to offer relief to the losers. This will require liberals to start taking the plight of people like the incels seriously, and stop penalizing intellectual mavericks like Hanson who have the nerve speak up on their behalf. And it will require conservatives to stop romanticizing an imperfect past and look for viable solutions that don't involve turning back the clock.

"Involuntary celibacy" (in the form of men who want to be in sexual relationships, but for various reasons feel unable to find willing partners) is a real problem. It doesn't justify violence by those men. It does justify consideration of possible solutions, because it's a problem rooted in biology: men want sex and those who are unable to get it will degrade eventually to violence, probably rooted in a biological drive to reproduce by force if no other option is available. That's a real problem that can be addressed by means other than scorning the people who are suffering -- the vast majority of whom have not and will not turn to violence.

The traditional solution to this problem is monogamous marriage. One man per woman, one woman per man, no sex before marriage, strong encouragement both social and economic to get married young, have kids, and stay married.

With the right sort of social pressure, even those charismatically challenged will find themselves with a partner. Maybe not the most desirable, but better than none.

The social fabric of western civilization is like a fence in an empty field. As the saying goes, "I'll let you remove the fence when you can explain why it is there." The left has been busy removing the fences without asking permission.

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