PA ballot counters took the day off Thursday???!

New York PostElection staff in Pittsburgh’s Allegheny County, one of Pennsylvania’s most populous areas, reportedly are taking the day off Thursday, despite the fate of the presidential election hanging in the balance with more than 35,000 ballots left to tabulate.

“They aren’t counting any ballots today! They stopped last night and are taking the day off,” Bethany Hallam, an Allegheny County councilperson, wrote on Twitter.

Hallam told New York Times reporter Trip Gabriel, “I can’t get an answer as to why.”

There is no why beyond the will to power. That is where the Democrats have brought themselves. The party apparatchiks learned that they could put any dried-up old bint before the American people and be competitive, so they decided that they could rely on vote fraud rather than the will of the people to overcome Trump.

The delays in PA, GA, NC were just to buy time to print enough ballots to flip those states and whatever else they could.

When those workers come back to start counting again, there will mysteriously be fresh boxes of ballots to count with the ink still dry.

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