The Nuclear Elector Option

Right now, we're looking at at least two states with massive voter fraud issues, Michigan and Wisconsin. Pennsylvania is pending, but I'm expecting trouble there too. There are allegations in Arizona and rumblings in Georgia. What's our way out? Recounts don't do much when the allegation is that votes were improperly added to the vote stream rather than improperly counted. One possibility is a state by state revote by judicial order following a determination that fraud occurred in large enough amounts to change the results. If all the states needing revotes coordinated to hold them on the same day before the electoral college deadline, it might work.

But there is another way.

Electors are chosen by the state legislators.

The state legislatures can change the procedures at any time before the deadline, and there is no requirement in the Constitution that the results match an election. Such requirements exist in state laws, which the legislature can change. There is precedent for this; Florida nearly did it in 2000.

Changing that, even temporarily, would be extremely controversial and is unlikely to actually occur without dramatic evidence of voter fraud. Which we have, from a high level view. The possibility provides a way out of this scenario without redoing the whole election. Individual state legislatures can assign their own electors after a careful investigation shows that fraud indelibly tainted the election. Such electors would only impact the presidential race, where most of the fraud is expected to have occurred, keeping the change to a minimum.

Crucially, the elector slate need not be approved by the governor or the courts, since the power is held specifically by the legislature.

Michigan: House is Republican, Senate is Democrat.
Wisconsin: Senate and House held by Republicans.
Arizona: Senate and House held by Republicans.
Nevada: Senate and House held by Democrats.
Georgia: Senate and House held by Republicans.
North Carolina: Senate and House held by Republicans.

There are possibilities here given the election chaos. I'm assuming a split legislature will never agree to do such a thing. The most obvious candidate is Wisconsin, where massive voter fraud appears to have taken place and the legislature is unified Republican. The remaining states are either held by Democrats at least in part, or simply don't yet have detailed allegations of voter fraud to consider such a dramatic option.

But let's keep it in mind. It may be the least-harmful way to overcome an unfortunately quite precedented attempt to steal the White House by fraud.

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