All according to plan

Why did election day play out the way it did? Specifically, why did counting mysteriously stop so early in North Carolina and Georgia? Simple: because those are two of the three states the New York Times identified as needle states that would set the trend for the rest of the election. The third was Florida, and Florida was an absolute blowout for Trump. He won by 400,000 votes there, and they still delayed calling it as long as possible.

North Carolina and Georgia were the Democratic stop-loss states. Avoid calling those and you can keep the Trump win in check. And that's exactly what they did and are still doing. That's how we can tell that the current scenario, with data driven from private internal polling, is a planned contingency rather than an organic result.

The Dems planned on cheating on WI and MI. They were ready. They had everything in place.

They planned their cheating in PA by a different method -- keep counting for three days with new ballots flooding in, as many as necessary. That puts a freeze on the results and gives them time to work in other states. The Supreme Court might sort it out later, but they couldn't plan for that; RGB and her replacement Amy happened too late in the game. They expected Roberts to flip and give them a win; instead they got a tie, just enough to delay the results.

They thought they had Arizona in the bag. Which is interesting, because it's usually red. But a couple things were different there. Cindy McCain, wife of Arizona's most famous and least trustworthy Senator, endorsed Biden. Along with some early numerical "mistakes", that gave Fox News and its Dem-donating decision desk manager an excuse to color the state blue very early and depress Republican turnout. Whether the Sharpie question was preplanned or accidental, it certainly helped too. I think it took a big effort and a few honest media outlets to claw Arizona back from that bad early call.

Nevada being so close was a surprise. I don't think they planned on cheating very hard there. But it mysteriously froze too when even its 6 votes might put Trump over 270.

Funny how the states Trump needs to win -- all of them -- froze their counts on election night and are mysteriously waiting for something to happen before they finish counting.

They are waiting for the Democrats, or the Deep State, or whoever is running this fucking game to decide how they are going to fraud it.

I think Trump can win this one, despite the fraud. All he has to do is hold his lead in PA, GA, NC, and AK and then win one of NV, AZ, MI, WI. He should fight, even in court in MI and WI, and I think he will.

But the early freeze in NC and GA combined with the New York Times "needle states" points to a plan to me.

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