Democrats block another COVID bill by stuffing it with pet projects

PJMediaThe bill failed in a 51-44 party-line vote, falling short of the 60 votes required, thanks to Senate Democrats.

Pelosi’s $3 trillion bill in May included a repeal of parts of the Trump tax cuts, a gambit to tie Trump’s hands on inspectors general, “environmental justice grants,” voting by mail for the 2020 election, LGBT training, a hate crimes bill, and extra unemployment benefits that would cost the economy 13.9 million jobs, according to the Heritage Foundation.

Pelosi’s March COVID-19 stimulus bill included provisions on violence against women, AIDS funding, LGBTQ+ financial literacy programs, onerous carbon emissions reporting for airlines, a $15/hour minimum wage, and sixty pages on elections, among other things.

It's the 60 pages on elections she really wanted, but I think now that the actual elections are happening it's too late to change the rules.

I'm skeptical about even the most basic COVID relief legislation at this point. Open the damn country up. But all the rest of that crap Pelosi wants? No. Just no.

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