Did the FBI plant an informant in the Trump campaign?

Rush LimbaughMichael Avenatti — is that his name? — the so-called lawyer for Stormy Daniels? His whole thing is imploding now. The Mueller investigation is, I think, on the verge of it. And, by the way, I’m gonna give you a little heads-up here. Based on a Kimberley Strassel column last week, a Wall Street Journal editorial today and a Washington Post piece earlier this week, I actually believe the FBI planted an informant in the Trump campaign — before Mueller was appointed, obviously.

This is pure speculation, but here's what I think happened. A lot of this is based on research and articles at the Conservative Treehouse, but the last paragraph is mine alone -- and still speculation, but I hope an educated guess.

The Obama administration started by abusing the intelligence infrastructure, particularly the NSA, by providing Fusion GPS with access to the database of intercepted communications maintained by that agency. At some point in 2016, Mike Rogers (NSA head) noticed this, ordered an audit, and cut off access. The Obama administration switched to law enforcement via the FBI and the Russian collusion narrative driving a FISA warrant. But a narrowly focused narrative would limit their ability to achieve their real objective in monitoring the whole campaign. So they came up with an unusual idea: get a FISA warrant under a broad narrative to investigate a single individual... but make the individual someone whose actions and communications they could control, in order to put him in contact with the people they needed to monitor.

The Treehouse thinks it's Stefan Halper. They make a good case, but I don't think they have the whole story.

I believe Carter Page was the FBI informant inside the Trump campaign, or perhaps one of several. He was also the target of the FISA warrant. The FBI have used Page as an informant before, and it seems odd they would suddenly consider him an adversary now. But, if they go to the FISA court and say he is an adversary and get a warrant to monitor him and anyone within two "hops" of him, they can then send him into the Trump campaign and put him in touch with as many people as possible -- all of which they can then monitor. Because of the two hop rule Page doesn't have to play a large role, just talk to people -- even once! -- and the FBI can monitor them and their friends, which means they can monitor the whole campaign. And it explains why Page doesn't seem at all concerned about being prosecuted, despite this lengthy FISA investigation centering on him.

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