What forced Comey to take over from AG Loretta Lynch about the Clinton emails?

I've been reading through a long and detailed post from Sundance on this topic. It's centered around the Senate's demand for text messages between Page and McCabe. Since the Sundance post is so long, I figured it might be useful to summarize.

Basically, the event that forced the reopening of the Clinton email investigation was Anthony Weiner's lawyer providing Clinton emails to SDNY (Preet Bharara) as leverage to try to block the sex charges. The FBI knew about this from their field office but DC covered it up for a month. But they couldn't keep it under wraps forever because FBI officials from New York were asking what was happening with the emails, and their existence was starting to leak out.

McCabe was already in trouble for sitting on the laptop for so long. He might have to recuse because of the options, so he was useless in continuing to cover this up.

So Loretta Lynch used the threat of prosecution in the Eric Garner case to force the NYPD to shut up about it.

Four years later and we're still trying to extract information about the coverup from the FBI; never mind the original emails.

However, there are two hopeful points. Durham is apparently investigating the Clinton Foundation, and a federal judge reopened a whistleblower case on the same topic with the IRS.

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