Mail-in voting issues

Utah sends 13,000 ballots without a required signature line. The people who received the incorrect ballots have been mailed corrected ones. What happens if they send in both?

50,000 Ohio voters received incorrect ballots. So did 29,000 voters in Pennsylvania.

Voter-Participation group linked to Biden requests 225,000 ballots... including dead people. That was in Texas; they mailed 2 million simlar requests in Virginia.

The Daily Signal has a roundup of even more cases of voter fraud.

UPDATE: 112 absentee ballots found discarded in dumpster.

UPDATE: Pennsylvania has rejected 375,000 mail in ballot applications, almost 90% of them duplicates. So what does that mean? It means that someone -- some organization more likely -- is sending huge numbers of mail in ballot requests "for" people who already requested a mail in ballot.

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