Is Trump prepping the battlespace for firing Barr?

It's hard to read tea leaves, but Trump is definitely not happy. And I think he's right not to be happy. So far, while Barr did a good job wrapping up the Mueller special counsel scam, is helping with the Flynn case, and talks a good fight to Congress, he has yet to deliver ANY prosecutions beyond a single guilty plea to a minimal charge. Almost every time we get announced results, it's no charges. That's a lot of investigations with known and documented wrongdoing to come back with no charges. And it's eaten up almost two years of time, pushing the whole matter past an election which may just shut it all down.

I'm not ready to say that Barr is running a deep state coverup, but it certainly looks like he has failed to delivery justice in a timely fashion. And if Biden wins, justice delayed becomes justice denied.

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