Bruce Ohr resigned ahead of firing for misconduct in IG report

Worth noting that Ohr resigned in July; the news is that he was about to be fired when he resigned. Analysis. Longer analysis. It seems likely Ohr was allowed to resign instead of being fired as a return for his cooperation in the investigation. This is good and bad; the good is it means he likely was cooperating, the bad is that his cooperation is apparently no longer needed and yet we still haven't seen any charges.

The real tantalizing bit about Ohr's cooperation is whether he had to talk about or implicate his wife Nellie Ohr, a Fusion GPS researcher with history at the CIA. It's been speculated that Nellie was a contractor with access to the NSA's databases during the right time period to be researching Trump. (We know she was researching Trump using "open source" information, but if she was also feeding information from the CIA into Fusion's operations, and Ohr knew about that...)

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