The sins of the father shall be exposed by his son's... computer repair guy?

It seems that there is new evidence of Biden family corruption, found on a laptop turned in by Hunter Biden for repair. It allegedly includes a sexually-explicit video of Hunter with cocaine and hookers, and emails from a Burisma exec thanking Hunter for introducing him to his father the (then) Vice President and asking Hunter to think about how Hunter can leverage his influence more for the company.

So. If it's real (and really from Hunter Biden, containing real emails, etc), it's devastating, as it exposes the elder Biden as being corruptly involved in his son's business dealings and lying about it.

Is it legally admissible? Just as much as it would be if child porn was found on a computer brought in for repair, I think. Which is to say, probably yes. An ethical repairperson wouldn't snoop, but the laptop was reportedly abandoned and the repair/recovery services not paid for, then provided to Rudy Giuliani's lawyer and later seized by the FBI. (And where is the actual FBI investigation into this, then? Maybe Trump can ask Wray about it in Wray's post-election exit interview).

So the provenance is not exactly ideal, but it's better than bar talk from a drunk Russian spy. And the emails may be confirmible via other means.

Don Surber points out that it explains the fake impeachment as an attempt to inoculate Biden against these accusations by (falsely)_accusing Trump of doing the same thing.

And, of course, Facebook is censoring the story until it can be "fact checked". Their fact-checkers will use Google to search for reports on the story in the left-wing media, find none, and report that it is false.

UPDATE: Image analysis says the images from the laptop are authentic.

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