Ratcliffe delivers "hundreds of pages" of material to DOJ for Durham

Although taken out of context it's a promising development in the investigation of SpyGate, taken in context it's too little too late. If this was a response to Trump's demand for more declassification, great; but why wasn't it declassified before? Why did Trump need to issue the demand in order to get action from Ratcliffe who is supposed to be on Trump's side? Why didn't Barr use the authority he supposedly has to get this sooner?

Bottom line, just reviewing this information and understanding it in the context of SpyGate events will take weeks. This will ensure absolutely nothing happens before the election, with the possible exception of leaks.

Further, we're not actually seeing declassification here. It's material for DOJ to review on site at the DNI office. That's helpful to DOJ and Durham, but the on-site restrictions will slow things down and they indicate this is not a declassification for public release.

And of course if Biden wins the whole thing goes away.

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