Nothing more from Durham before the election

Details and analysis. The problem I have with this is that it's a high stakes gamble with players whose motives are not fully understood. One possibility is that Barr and Durham are trying to nail down prosecutions for big picture crimes. Another possibility is that Barr and Durham are covering up what they can in order to preserve the institutions of the FBI, DOJ, CIA, FISC, and intelligence agencies and methods. We don't know which. Barr himself is suspect due to his involvement in shutting down prosecutions in the Ruby Ridge case and generally being a government official type. He has presented a good public face on this issue, but he has yet to deliver anything substantial. And it now appears he won't deliver anything substantial before the election.

So now, if Trump wins, maybe we get some actual prosecutions, and maybe we don't.

But if Trump loses we get nothing, and everything Barr and Durham claim to have been working for goes out the window.

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