So, six guys are sitting around a card table in a Michigan basement playing cards beneath an anarchy flag.

First guy: "I hate the governor. She's keeping us locked up unConstitutionally."
Second guy: "We should do something about it."
Third guy: "We'll need to recruit more people. I know a guy who can get them across the border."
Fourth guy: "Why don't we drive by the governor's vacation house and see if there are any security issues we can exploit?"
Fifth guy: "Maybe I can get us some guns and explosives?"
Sixth guy: "I'm with the FBI and you are all under arrest!"

Fifth guy: "Not me, I'm with the ATF. The rest of you are under arrest!"
Fourth guy: "Not me, I'm with Homeland Security. But the rest of you are toast!"
Third guy: "Not me, I'm with ICE. This is an undercover sting operation to bust illegal coyotes!"
Second guy: "Not me, I'm with the local police. I'm not allowed to arrest rioters because the DA won't prosecute, but I can arrest First Guy!"
First guy: "Not me! I'm with the CIA. This is all classified until after the election. My agency will release a cover story to the press blaming Trump."

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