Durham focusing on McCabe? "and others"?

Sara Carter“McCabe and others were suppressing information, misrepresenting it or lying about the information that they had in order to purposefully undermine the Trump candidacy and that turned into the predication for undermining the Trump presidency,” said a source with direct knowledge of the situation.

The source alleged that McCabe is now a central figure in Durham’s investigation, along with several other senior FBI officials who were aware of the information but failed to disclose it.

The explosive information shed even more light on the internal corruption inside the bureau at the highest levels and the purposeful misuse of the agency to target a political presidential opponent. In fact, it raises serious concerns that these actions were not an aberration but could have been occurring for sometime inside the FBI and intelligence community, several U.S. intelligence officials and former FBI officials told this columnist.

“It’s beyond the pale and what’s worse no one has paid the price for attempting to oust – coup – a U.S. president,” said one former senior intelligence official. “What makes it worse is politicians who are using this information for political purposes – they do so at the detriment of the American system and republic.”

McCabe has now refused to testify before the Senate, citing fear of the coronavirus despite the Senate being willing to allow him to testify remotely (as in fact Comey did). It appears McCabe is feeling the heat and noticing that his name is unredacted in recent document releases.

Comey probably thinks he can slime through by claiming not to remember anything. McCabe knows he is a lot more vulnerable due to being closer to the investigation and his wife's campaign funds from Clinton-linked donors being a financial benefit. Getting a conviction on McCabe seems like a bare-minimum standard for Durham and friends.

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