Trump planning to replace FBI Director Wray

This move is long overdue. Wray has been keeping the cover-up going and has been a thorn in the side of investigators and the public seeking to understand Spygate. The question will be whether a replacement can be confirmed before the election, and if not, will an "acting" Director be able to change course quickly enough to matter?

Flynn's attorney Sidney Powell has apparently been floated as a candidate. She has been absolutely amazing in representing Flynn. I don't know enough about her qualifications for the post to be really sure if she would make a good director, but I am absolutely sure she would shake things up and the FBI needs a damn good shaking up.

Some people are saying Trump shouldn't fire Wray before the election because it might cause fallout similar to what happened when Trump fired Comey. That's certainly a risk. But there are risks to accepting that argument too -- should Presidents really be held hostage to their own FBI and DOJ under threat of investigations and special counsels for simply making hiring and firing decisions?

Mr President, I say, damn the torpedoes -- full steam ahead!

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