Why is Strzok claiming that the FBI "did nothing wrong"?

Well, it's perhaps better to ask why he is making that claim now. It's because there is an FBI rule about making announcements that could influence election results within a 60 day window before the election, and we are just now inside the window. Strzok figures he is safe from being contradicted (or charged!) between now and the election. And he figures that if Biden wins, he's safe permanently.

He's probably right about being safe if Biden wins. But there's a flaw in the other part of the plan.

Almost no one was involved in the Spygate conspiracy is currently running for office. So Strzok and all of his FBI friends may not be as safe as they think. The only one involved who is actually running for anything is Biden, and no one expects Durham to actually try to reach that high. The rest of the conspirators are basically hiding under Biden's umbrella. If Durham is serious, that may not turn out well for them.

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