Claim: Russians paid Cohen, and somehow Stormy's lawyer found out

PJMediaBOMBSHELL: Porn star's lawyer has "evidence" RUSSIANS paid Cohen

Or something. This story broke last night. The hardest working attorney in America, Michael Avenatti, claimed he has evidence that a company "tied" to a RUSSIAN oligarch paid Trump attorney Michael Cohen $500,000. And this payment "might" have been used to pay off his porn star client.

Let's take a step back. How does Avenatti have Michael Cohen's bank records? You cannot just get someone's back records. This leads me to believe that something very illegal is going on here. Where does this fit on an index of lie to FISA court to snoop on opposing political campaign and leak the newshook for CNN to report the fake dossier, is hard to say at this early stage.

So how does Stormy's lawyer find out about it? I see only two realistic possibilities: the discovery process in the legal proceedings between Stormy and Trump/Cohen, or more likely a leak from the prosecutors who raided Cohen's office. By leaking to Avenatti, they can disguise the source of the information, or so they hope.

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