Clinesmith pleads guilty

Despite some feverish speculation about intent, Clinesmith pled guilty to altering an email. Frankly, it's a de-minimis charge, though still likely the end of his career in addition to a jail sentence. I'm not a lawyer, but I think that intent here refers to the act (modifying a document and presenting it as evidence) rather than the frankly stupid and pathetic excuse that he was trying to clarify it.

The question now is.. who did Clinesmith roll over on? There are hints in Durhams "criminal information" (like an indictment, but without the grand jury) that suggests Clinesmith was central to the Russiagate hoax investigation AND the Mueller special counsel investigation. if Clinesmith is actually cooperating, lots of his colleagues should be sweating, especially as the original, correct version of the email he modified went to Comey, McCabe, and others who had a duty to inform the FISC.

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