Kerry meeting with foreign leaders, trying to run his own foreign policy

Free BeaconFormer Secretary of State John Kerry is meeting with for foreign leaders to save the Iran nuclear deal, according to a source briefed on the meetings.

In order to preserve the nuclear deal with Iran that he helped negotiate, Kerry has met with foreign leaders like German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and French President Emmanuel Macron, the Boston Globe reports. The Globe also reports Kerry met his former counterpart Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif at the United Nations.

Remember when they justified the investigation of Michael Flynn because they said he was violating the Logan Act by meeting with foreign leaders before he was sworn into office in a foreign policy role? (Remember, at the time, he was a member of the Presidential Transition Team and was going to be nominated for National Security Advisor). Kerry is doing even more here, and he's doing it as a private citizen without any official government role.

I don't generally believe it should be illegal for private citizens to communicate with foreigners and foreign officials as private citizens. To the extent they pretend to represent the official United States, however, that is a problem -- as would be making corrupt deals to influence elections, as Ted Kennedy did, or betray their nation in time of war, as John Kerry himself has already done.

And in this specific case? Because of Michael Flynn and the Deep State slow-rolled coup attempt, I believe John Kerry should be charged with violating the Logan Act and prosecuted to the fullest extent and fullest budget of the law.

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