Brennan claims he is not a Durham target

Take with a grain of salt because it is coming from Brennan. If Durham isn't targeting Brennan, that leaves the crowd at the FBI at most risk (because they undeniably knew what was going on and continued to investigate and abuse the FISA process). Clapper and other CIA figures may also still be at risk. Still, Brennan was involved in briefing Congress about the Steele information and possibly in other activities before the FBI took up the baton.

Brennan does not deserve to escape scrutiny here, but if he has, it's an indication that Barr will not be pursuing this matter any higher, I think.

Mind you, it's pretty easy to become a target if you make a mistake and tell a provable lie during the interview, which reportedly took place over 8 hours in... Virginia, rather than DC, which would alter jury selection significantly if Brennan is charged for lying.

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