A phoenix will rise from the ashes...

Joe quotes Alan Gottlieb suggesting that the NRA's strength is in its members, and adds that the current troubles might lead to a better organization that serves its members' interests in protecting their rights, rather than spending a lot of money mailing them about silly insurance programs.

I agree that's likely to happen. Wayne LaPierre and his cadre are not the NRA; they can be removed and replaced, and even the members can be replaced. We, gun owners at the grassroots level, can support other organizations that defend the 2nd Amendment (and many of us already have been).

The problem is, there will be a period of chaos while the various organizations sort themselves out and compete for NRA members looking for a new gun rights home, and the NRA itself is distracted defending itself. That's where the timing of this action is both political and diabolical. Those months of chaos will be happening right in the middle of the election.

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